Current work being developed since the global outbreak of Covid-19. Together with choreographer and dancer Joost Vrouenraets we give live performances in the public space mixing dance, photography, public participation, nature and urban landscape. We will perform in every municipality of the Netherlands (yes, all 355). Follow The Red Circles here:

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A road trip by camper, was the kick off of a new project on Eastern Europe. Me and my girlfriend Anna, originally from Latvia, travelled 17.000 kilometers along the external borders of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Not only visiting and photographing original scenes, but also learning about the history of these parts and talking with the residents on their personal experiences.

I want to go back to some places to dig deeper into the history and stories of the people living there. Ultimately this should lead to a book. To achieve this goal, all help is welcome, for example by buying a signed print  (30 x 40 = €150, 40 x 55 = €250). Contact me if you are interested.

21-22 and 28-29 september you can visit the photo exposition in my camper at Maastricht Photo Festival. More info here

Koning zonder land (King without a country)

2018 is the year of the bird. Several international media channels celebrate birds all over the world. National Geographic Magazine is one of them. For the august issue I made a series of pictures about the black-tailed gotwit. The text is written by Rob Buiter. The article tells the story about the beauty of these birds, their behavior and habitat, but also the problems they face and the effectiveness of conservation action in the Netherlands.

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When night is falling

In 2016 I won the Hasselblad Masters Award with this image of two great crested grebes. Part of the award was to create a series of pictures for the Hasselblad Masters book. Watch the result, “When night is falling”, here.

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On the 2oth of september 2015 I photographed the marathon dance of choreographer Joost Vrouenraets from Heerlen to Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands. During eight hours and 24 kilometers I captured his movements through a constantly changing scenery. In 2016 the photoseries won the third price in the ‘culture and entertainment’ category in the Zilveren Camera (Silver Camera) contest, the most important price for news photographers.

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Dutch heathlands

Heathlands are a common type of landscape in the Netherlands. But their existence isn’t as obvious as many people think: without humans, heathlands would turn into forests rapidly. For the Marius van der Sandt scholarship I spent one year photographing all aspects of this type of landscape. In 2014 the photo series was published in National Geographic Magazine.

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